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Compliant B2B
(Business to Business)
Exchange – Here For California With C2
Leveraging the industry leading Compliance Suite, you can deposit your cash directly into an ICS Partner bank and onto the exchange.

Need to send an ACH or wire? Simply pull funds off the exchange for NO FEE.

Compliant Banking is here with ICS and C2 exchange enabling merchants to SUPERCHARGE their business.
Here are the Supercharged Features to
support your business
- Real time Payments (sent 24-hours/day)
- Great rates – Capped at $25 / per 1m transferred
- Members only exchange with full compliance
  • Apply and Get a fully Compliant:

    Bank Account
    Exchange Account
  • Real time Transactions with high limits

    to transfer funds in real time, for low fees
  • Reduce Cost, Complexity, and Speed up your Large Cannabis Transactions

As a member of the Exchange you receive the following services

Utilizing the industry leading ICS compliance platform, C2s exchange provides critical compliant and secure value transfer capability to support the Cannabis industries high demand for large value transactions, at low rates, and in real time.

All Services
Traditional Bank account with:

Commercial Debit
eCheck services

Members only Cannabis Exchange

Additional Support Services to energize your business

Armored Courier services
Merchant Processing – Pin Debit

Easy & Fast Application Process

Our simple online 3 step process gets you signed up for bank account and Exchange membership

Apply for Membership

Apply quickly and easily by clicking here

Review materials

Additional documents may be required to complete application

Approve Bank account and membership

Our goal is to provide full account approval in 30 days

C2 has strengthened the industry leading BSA/AML Cannabis Software by ICS through Blockchain Technology your Business can leverage

The easy to use Members only exchange provides enabling features for your business while still providing enhanced compliance that supports the banks compliance requirements.

DO YOUR BUSINESS – Let the Exchange Energize your business with:
  • Low Fees (Transfers are capped at 25$)
  • Real time Exchange Transfers 24/7
  • High limits on value transfer

How it works

The Blockchain Exchange Platform offers a safe, reliable, and compliant form of value transfer. All members of the exchange go through a lengthy due diligence process and company screening.

Traditional ACH viewers are not built for mapping or monitoring transactions in an expanded fashion. The requirement by FinCEN to monitor all incoming and outgoing payments poses a difficult problem for financial institutions to control costs and meet the requirements. The C2 Exchange aids the financial institution by providing additional information and validation to the transactions enabling the FI to successfully report on the normal operating condition of the business, simplifying the solution and reducing time and cost.

Transactions are tied to CRB merchants that are existing members and have full vendor information on record in the system. Full incoming and outgoing payments are displayed and sortable to view any number of ways. This encapsulation of activity allows the BSA officer to easily capture the data needed to monitor and understand the CRB’s business and how it is operating.

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